Wednesday, March 4, 2009

God Waits

There are times when we make decisions
That are not right in every way
God waits for us to mature
So that we will have a bright future

There are fears and worrying
That sometimes we also have doubts
But God waits for us to open our eyes
And He brings us to new heights

We pray to Him with sincere hearts
To bring us new happiness
From the Lord on high
God waits so patiently
So that we will be filled with light

Thursday, February 26, 2009


He was going to let me be free
As He was waiting for me
To humble myself completely
As I look into His heart lovingly.

Life may have its up and downs,
In His mercy I may also drown
In Jesus heart I know I find rest
In Jesus He is surely the best.

Keep me away from evil dear Lord,
As I keep my soul pure and truly yours,
In Jesus heart He consoles me,
As He also keeps His promises purely for me.

May 2001


May the Lord continue to bless me
As He watches me grow into a woman
Whose love for country and men alike
Christ suffered for me
He died for you and me
He brings us new hope each passing day
And watches what we do in every way.

May we surrender this journey of ours
Towards heavens gate
He will always be our guide,
Love also one another
In our hearts full of love.

May 2001


We can always be sure
That to whoever we serve
To our fellowmen and the poor
We can always see why
We can always withstand
The love that Christ gives us and everyone.
What can I honestly give to
My friends and relatives
Is that I have loved Him
Immensely and totally.
I Love You Lord for every ounce in my veins
Iam grateful for every year that passes by Lord
I remain faithful to You my Jesus my King and Savior.

May 2001


Darkness surrounds everyman
Who doubts Your love and peace
You bring us to high hopes
With Your strength
With no fears
I love Your commandments
As You bring us to righteousness;
Deliver us from evil
That envelopes our hearts with fear,
Do not abandon us
Because You know whats within us
Guide me always Lord
And find no sin in me,
Remind me to be always be humble
As you seek your will for me.

May 2001


We are your soldiers
Ready to fight a battle
A war against whats good and evil
In our hearts , mind, and faith
Teach us always to be
Of service to you
Do not abandon us,
As we do our daily work;
Help us to be a
Follower to all Christian virtues and talents,
Towards your enlightenment
Thank you our Jesus Christ
For being our redeemer
We want to be Yours forever.

May 2001